Clean sweep at Tasmanian Fine Food Awards

We are celebrating a clean sweep at the Tasmanian Fine Food Awards with 14 products entered and 14 medals won! Here are the results:

Black Garlic Drizzle - Silver

Smoked Garlic Vinaigrette - Silver

Garlic & Balsamic Vinaigrette - Silver

Roast Garlic & Mint Sauce - Silver

Garlic & Dill Drizzle - Silver

Black Sesame Sauce - Silver

Beetroot Relish - Silver

Quince Paste - Silver

Gingered Quince Paste - Silver

Black Garlic - Bronze

Balsamic Apple Paste - Bronze

Apple Lime & Black Pepper Paste - Bronze

Spiced Pear Paste - Bronze

Quince Lemon & Rosemary Paste - Bronze

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