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Iced Spiced Pear Chai Tea


  • 1 black tea bag (or 2 grams loose-leaf black tea)

  • 3 tsp Springmount Fine Foods Spiced Pear Paste

  • 2 cups water

  • Ice to serve

  • Optional: Star anise and/or cinnamon stick to serve


  • Heat ¼ cup water in microwave/saucepan or kettle.

  • Mix the Spice Pear Paste in with the hot water until fully dissolved and then add tea and steep to your desired strength (Tip: Strain Spiced Pear Paste infusion to remove any sediments.)

  • Leave the Spiced Pear Paste Chai Tea infusion to cool completely before adding the rest of the water.

  • Serve with ice and enjoy!

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