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Individually handcrafted with care, our range of Pearls are made from real fruit. The fruit is pureed and then formed into spheres that have a fine gel coating with a liquid center. The sensation is one of joy and excitement as the Pearls pop in your mouth with a burst of flavour. 

Great for adding a touch of theatre to your next glass of sparkling or dessert dish.  

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Strawberry Pearls are made from Australian strawberries and add a sophisticated touch to a glass of champagne

Peach Pearls are made from Australian peaches and will elevate your favouite glass of prosecco

Lime Pearls are made from real Australian lime juice and are designed for your gin and tonic

Looking for something savoury?

Imagine receiving an oyster with a shimmering pearl sitting atop. The only thing that would make it better is if the pearl was edible. Well, we've made that dream a reality. With a pearlescent shimmer and a creamy smoked garlic center, these gourmet pearls are perfect to have with your freshly shucked oysters.

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